Welcome dear internet surfer to your new home. You are now one of a handful of Bingwa on this site. This is the place where Bingwa like yourself come to interact with other Bingwa and journey on our road to umoja. May you be one of many humans that restore faith in humanity through your actions .


About Me

I am a young social science and business management graduate working in finance.

I am a child of Mother Africa, as I am African born and raised. I get childish and I have fun because I will never stop being my mother’s child. I was born in my biological mother’s womb and will be swaddled in mother Africa’s womb, rich with soil and roots from where I am from.

I also get serious about the political economy and sociological imagination, but I will always be your brother, and I will always be open and approachable, so contact me any time or leave a comment.